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Love Wallpapers

Love Wallpapers

Love Wallpapers

 Cute Love Wallpapers

Cute Love Wallpapers
 Cute Love Wallpapers
 Love passion Wallpapers

Love passion Wallpapers
Love passion Wallpapers

Love passion
Love passion 
 Being with u is what i need…

Feeling ur love again is the spirit of my heart…
hearing u telling that u love is is the best thing in my life…
all this while im hoping that u will still love me..
No one can ever break us..not even God..
but truly..God is great..
i believe in faith..
that’s why God sent us back together..
I believe in u..
i trust u..
i love u..
truly..madly and deeply..
my love is only for u..
there’s no one else…
I’m bringing only u in my heart..
day by day…
listening to out song..
makes me feel so good…
wishing u were with me..
all this while…
holding me and never letting me of your sight anymore
all i wants to say is..
I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!

 girl you fill me with love
when u cry so do i
when u laugh i do to
i feel a connection between u and me
i feel love between us
i hope u do to
when i see u i think why is she here
why is she not with the angels above
did god send u to find me
or was it just my luck
either way
my love for u stays
and will never go away

As I walked into your life and hopefully your heart…
I realized our relationship will never drift apart…
As I ran my fingers through your hair…
I'm dazzled…happy…not in despair…
Your heart is like a flame, burning with desire,
I light these candles and realize my love for you uplifts higher…
One day you will own a throne…
Any will do…you're my princesses, my baby…I love you.