Cute Video Song Laura Vass

Cute Video Song Laura Vass

Laura Vass

He debuted in 2004, with Scooter , with "You, only you" ( takeover by Samira Said and Sab Mom - "IUM IUM uara", 2002). The two singers appear later under the name Golden duo , produced by band leader Dan Bursuc . In this formula, they get the gold disc in 2005. Their successes are the following: "I do not want your money", "Who is my heart" (song now in the standings for six months), "There are two diamonds" etc. Golden duet was appreciated by the public as one of the finest singers of such collaboration between House. Laura Vass has worked with other musicians, such as Nicolae Guta , Denisa Răducu , Adrian and others
Relations with producer Dan became increasingly tense Bursuc because neseriozităţii singer. She was to play with Scooter in the movie musical neighborhood story , produced in early 2008 for the role, the two singers have recorded songs on the soundtrack before shooting the film. Shortly before shooting began, the singer left the project and replaced it with Bursuc actress Monica Merisani . For a period of about two years, Laura Vass disappeared from public life, which has generated many hypotheses from the public. He said the singer was seen in Vaslui , in London ( United Kingdom ) or in Canada . Her disappearance was vested in his wife's jealousy Bursuc (following an alleged affairs between Laura Vass and producer), anaccident traffic fatality, a singer from London to imprisonment for trafficking drugs , to establish in Sri Lanka , etc. All rumors was denied in November 2009 when the singer appeared alongside of badgers, and Monica feat Merisani the television show real STORIES ( Home TV ), however, guests have avoided disclosure of certain details, claiming that it will stimulate public and rumors the press.